Auto Mechanic Schools in Washington

Within the state of Washington, there are a lot of opportunities for someone that is looking to become a certified auto mechanic. Below, one will be able to find out all of the information that they need in order to get their foot in this particular industry.

Accredited Auto Mechanic Schools in Washington

Currently, there are at least 23 different colleges in the state of Washington that provide their students with the option to take some sort of auto mechanic degree. In the list below, one will be able to find a few of the more popular choices for colleges that provide these programs. However, one should always remember to look into each school thoroughly before making the final decision to register.

  • Clark College – 2 year
  • Shoreline Community College – 2 year
  • Green River Community College – 2 year
  • Spokane Community College – 2 year
  • Walla Walla Community College – 2 year

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Obtaining an Auto Mechanic Certification in Washington

When it comes to becoming a certified auto mechanic in the state of Washington, there are a lot of options for residents to choose from. Depending on the specific type of automotive work one wishes to do, there are a variety of different certificates that they can obtain through schooling or minor courses. All it takes to become certified in this state for automotive mechanics is to attend the trainings for the various certificates that are desired.

List of Elite Programs in Washington

Featured Program: Bellingham Technical College

Bellingham Technical College

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At Bellingham Technical College, students are educated to the highest quality and prepare themselves to enter into a wide range of job opportunities in the automotive industry. Brakes, engine performance, electrical programs, and automatic transmissions are large and concentrated areas of study. The students develop the tenacity and hard-work skills that they will need to succeed in the demanding and fast-paced world of automotive mechanics and technology. For graduates of Bellingham Technical College, 88% of them are employed within 9 months of their graduation form the college. Both ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) and NATEF (National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation) certify Bellingham Technical College, meaning it is one of the best options out there for aspiring Automotive Technicians. Students go on to have success in both satisfying and lucrative careers that last a lifetime. Enroll today to begin your journey in the automotive industry!

Below is a map of Bellingham Technical College.


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Salaries for Auto Mechanic Jobs in Washington

Salaries vary as an auto mechanic in the state of Washington, and there are a lot of aspects that make them fluctuate from person to person. The more certifications an auto mechanic has the more their salary will most likely be. However, location also has a lot to deal with specific salary information. On average, automotive service technicians and mechanics start out around $40k a year, and automotive body and related repairers can start at around $45k a year.

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