Auto Mechanic Schools in Washington, DC

Today, the average family has two or more cars. The fact is that there are millions of cars on the roads and highways. A large number of those cars are going to require regular maintenance by a competent professional auto mechanic. Certainly, the future looks very promising for anyone that enters this career because the number of cars are going to increase along with the need for more auto service technicians or mechanics. Here is how to get started in this very interesting career.

auto mechanic image1A high school diploma is required to enter an accredited training school. An accredited program has established that they meet all the requirements to instruct their students on information required to perform the job. The good news is that there are several schools that meet that criteria in the Washington, DC area.

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How to Get Certified in Washington, DC

Attending training classes are only the first step into entering this job market. A lot of people obtain learning on the job. Some go to vocational or community colleges. After that period, certification is required. In fact, most employers require that their employees get certified by the National Institute of Automotive Excellence, in order to continue their employment with their company. This establishes that the employee is competent and results in higher wages.

Salaries for Auto Mechanic Jobs in Washington, DC

It is difficult to determine the exact salary for mechanics in the Washington, DC area. The salaries are affected by a number of very important factors. For example, those with more experience earn more. Those with less experience are barely making minimum wage. Those technicians working for large dealerships make considerably more than a mechanic at a small shop in the neighborhood. Those that are certified earn larger yearly salaries. Currently wages in Washington, DC average about $49,000 for experienced workers.

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