Auto Mechanic Schools in Tucson, AZ

Those living in the state of Arizona know the importance of reliable transport and the drag on time and resources it can become when one’s vehicle breaks down. Because of this, those on the automotive repair industry find themselves with a steady stream of work.

How to Get Certified in Tuscon, Arizona

auto mechanic image1Receiving your certification as an auto mechanic and operate in an officially recognized auto mechanic garage or shop, there are steps to be taken. After one receives the proper education and experience operating on auto vehicles, all prospective mechanics will have to take an exam distributed by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. This exam is designed to test the readiness of those studying to be mechanics to service vehicles in the public sector, whether they work independently or are affiliated with a particular car manufacturer, this certification process is essential for those operating in the state of Arizona.

The NIASE is geared towards giving students the best preparation possible prior to taking tests, and on their official site one can become acquainted with the process they will have to go through. With over forty years certifying auto mechanics nationwide, they are a name to be trusted. These written exams are held all throughout the year, and the NIASE is flexible to the needs of mechanics and their demanding schedules, whether they are still studying or working in the field.

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Salaries for Auto Mechanics in Tuscon Arizona

Salaries for the same position can fluctuate throughout the nation, but a consensus on earnings can give you an idea of what you might earn in the same position. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, auto mechanics and technicians earned a median salary of $36, 610 in 2012. In 2013, those in the Phoenix area earned a mean wage of $42,840.

List of Auto Mechanic Programs in Arizona

With such an in-demand position, there’s no shortage of schools that provide the training necessary to pass certification and service the industry adequately. These programs not only include the schooling to being working as an auto mechanic, but for re-certification as well as schooling in areas of specializations.