Auto Mechanic Schools in Tennessee You Should Consider

The Tennessee Board of Education maintains a website where consumers can determine if a school has current accreditation. It is also possible for someone to call this agency to request information that is not listed online.

To determine if a vehicle repair school meets proper standards, the Tennessee Board of Education sends inspectors periodically to each site. Teachers must provide documentation of their education, and textbooks must meet specific standards. Inspectors may talk to previous students to determine if they were able to pass certification tests and find employment.

How to Get Certified in Tennessee

The state of Tennessee does not require certification for vehicle technicians. However, there are national organizations that offer voluntary certification that is recommended to help individuals verify their education to employers and customers.

The Automotive Service Excellence has thousands of registered vehicle mechanics who have successfully completed examinations at testing centers in Tennessee. Students can supply documentation to the ASE along with taking the test to receive certificates to show prospective employers. Vehicle repair shops often display copies of these certificates to inform customers that the business has well-trained technicians.

Salaries for Auto Mechanic Jobs in Tennessee

The average pay for vehicle technicians in Tennessee is approximately $37,000 per year, leading to a wage of over $17 an hour. This is a livable income for individuals in Tennessee because it has a low cost of living.

It is also possible to work part-time in this career. Vehicle repair shops in larger cities offer higher pay than small-town businesses. Mechanics working for franchised vehicle repair shops may receive benefits such as medical insurance, retirement plans, or vacation pay. With experience, a technician can open their own shop to earn a higher income.

List of Elite Programs in Tennessee

Featured Program: Southwest Tennessee Community College

Southwest Tennessee Community College is fiercely devoted to helping students realize their full and unlimited potential as dedicated and intelligent students at the College. In the Automotive Technology Program, students spend two years learning and honing their automotive craft to prepare themselves to be the best they can be in the automotive industry.

They work hard to prepare to secure a fulfilling and lucrative entry-level job in the field that they desire. Students learn both in the classroom and lecture setting, but also spend ample time in the laboratory to apply the skills that they are learning. The automotive curriculum is supplemented with English classes, mathematics classes, and social sciences classes so that the students get a well-rounded education and are fully prepared to enter the workforce.

Additionally, students participate in co-ops with dealerships and shops, and garages in the area to help gain the hands-on application experience that they will need to thrive in their careers. Enroll today to begin the journey of a lifetime and pursue the career of your dreams at Southwest Tennessee Community College!

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