Auto Mechanic Schools in Seattle, WA

Students attending Shoreline Community College’s Professional Automotive Training Center participate in a classroom-workplace approach that gives them the hands-on training they need to impress prospective employers. Through a two-year program, a student can earn Applied Associate in Arts and Sciences degree. The school also offers General Service Technician (GST) and graduates receive a certificate of proficiency. Most auto mechanic schools in Washington offer these. Shoreline Community College also offers Daimler Chrysler CAP, GM ASEP, Honda PACT and Toyota T-TEN.

How to Get Certified in Seattle, WA

auto mechanic image1Although vehicle dealers need a special license in Washington, mechanics do not need certification. Nevertheless, vehicle owners prefer repair and maintenance staff to have proper training and accreditation. Often, graduates of automotive technology institutes can demand higher wages, better benefits, and other gains.

List of Elite Programs in Seattle, WA

Featured Program: South Seattle College

South Seattle Community College

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In the video clip above a tour of the wonderful South Seattle College is given. At South Seattle College, students can earn advanced training in the field of Automotive Technology that can afford them the opportunity to earn a lucrative and fun entry-level position in the automotive industry upon graduation. Knowledgeable professionals of the field make wonderful and supportive instructors to the dedicated and intelligent students. The students of South Seattle College can also choose to work toward their ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification. When a student is ASE certified, this automatically makes them a more sought after and marketable candidate for possible employers in the automotive realm. Students spend time in the classroom, in a lecture setting, and out in shops working on real life cars and gaining the hands-on experience that they will need to be ready for the real world situations encountered in the automotive industry. The insight gained while going through the academic process at the College is unlike any other, and students are taught not only the techniques and skills they need, but also the professionalism they will need and what else will be expected of them in the workplace. If this sounds like the career for you and you have a passion for anything automotive, enroll at South Seattle College and get started today!


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Salaries for Auto Mechanic Jobs in Seattle, WA

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) tracks employment statistics by surveying U.S. employers. According to the May 2013 report, Washington mechanics earned an annual mean wage of approximately $43,760, which makes it the fifth top-paying state in the U.S. The BLS estimates that in Seattle the range of wages is $26,000 to $69,000, with $46,230 being the annual mean wage. The Mount Vernon-Anacortes region is the tenth top-paying metropolitan area in the nation.
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