Auto Mechanic Schools in San Jose, CA

The auto repair career sector is growing rapidly. Over the next few years, thousands of jobs will be created for those who have the necessary skills to repair and maintain vehicles with new hybrid, electric and alternative fuel technologies. If you’re fresh out of high school or looking for a career change, you can find accredited auto repair schools in San Jose, CA.

How to Get Certified in San Jose, CA

auto mechanic image1Auto repair technicians are a valuable part of the vehicle life cycle. To ensure consumers receive only the best service, standards have been put into place in San Jose for those seeking a career as a mechanic.

Nearly every mechanic shop and dealership in San Jose require prospective employees to obtain a license through the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. These tests are administered at partner locations all year long.

Obtaining an ASE license in a specialty area can be very helpful to your career aspirations. ASE offers exams in a variety of subjects, including auto maintenance and light repair, transit bus repair, collision repair and refinish, electronic diesel engine diagnosis and more.

List of Elite Programs in San Jose, CA

Featured Program: De Anza College


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Not only are the extremely knowledgeable and personable staff and professionals at De Anza College intelligent and kind! They also care about educating their passionate and dedicated students to the highest level possible while also instilling skills of professionalism, hunger for knowledge, excellent communication, and passion for the field and the automotive industry. Students can attend day or evening classes depending on what option would best suit their daily schedules and lifestyles. Service to the community and a high level of personal enrichment, achievement, and growth are all hugely encouraged. Different areas and systems of the vehicle are studied and students gain new skills and knowledge in a classroom setting, lecture setting, as well as hands on out in a shop or lab setting. The latter two options afford the students the opportunity to hone their skills and craft their abilities to grow used to situations they could very possible encounter on a normal day at their future job. Students at De Anza College are of the best caliber, and are very smart and marketable candidates for an entry level position in the automotive industry upon graduation of the program. If you are a passionate and dedicated student, get in contact with the folks at De Anza College to start your journey today!

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Salaries for Auto Mechanic Jobs in San Jose, CA

The salary that one obtains as a vehicle technician will likely depend on experience and courses that have been completed. The average salary in San Jose for an auto repair tech is $50,000 per year.

Repair techs who go on to become automotive repair lead technicians can garner a salary above $70,000 per year. This number can rise if you hold a license in a specialty repair area.

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