Auto Mechanic Schools in Philadelphia, PA

You like working on cars. You’ve tinkered on your own and your friends tell you that you’re a natural. You want to start making money doing what you love to do. There are five steps you need to take in order to get your dream job of working in an auto repair shop and/or a garage. The first and foremost is get the necessary training you’ll need to work on today’s cars and trucks. You also need to decide what type of vehicle you will specialize in. You may want to scrutinize your options if you want to specialize in diesel technology.

auto mechanic image1This is an important first step for you if you are serious about this career. You are looking for schools that will help you gain your Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification and where you will receive hands-on training. Lincoln Technical Institute with a campus in Center City, Philadelphia offers a wide variety of automotive training courses that will help you succeed in landing your dream job.

Prepare for the ASE certification tests and requirements

Your second and equally important step is to find auto repair shops and/or garages that you already frequent and ask them to document your current work experience. You’ll need at least two years of hands-on experience to qualify for the ASE certification. The Community College of Philadelphia offers an automotive technology program that immerses the student in skill courses in modern diagnostic and repair equipment. Graduates earn an Associate in Applied Sciences (A.A.S) degree and are prepared to take the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence Certification Exams.

How to Get Certified in Philadelphia, PA

Both Lincoln Technical Institute and the Community College of Philadelphia provide preparation for the ASE certification tests. Computer based testing is conducted at a Prometric Test Center. The nearest test center is in the Curtis Center on Walnut Street in Center City, Philadelphia. At the ASE website, you can find a section where you can practice the test before you schedule an appointment to take the test. You need to be aware that there are a series of tests for each specialty.

List of Elite Programs in Philadelphia, PA

Featured Program: Philadelphia Technician Training Institute


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At Philadelphia Technician Training Institute students learn and hone the skills they will need to flourish in a satisfying career in the automotive industry. The systems that are covered include: System Diagnostics, Operation of Shop Equipment, Brake Systems, Maintenance and Repair, Automotive Math, Automotive Measurement, Safety and Emissions Inspections, and Diagnosis of Suspension. Students also take part in performance tests in areas including but not limited to: Leadership, Axles, Alignments, Measurement, Drawing up Work Orders, Struts, Shocks, Profitability, Front Brakes, Quality System Management, Waste Reduction, etc. The education is hands-on and super informative, and the students are super dedicated to their work. The teachers and staff and Philadelphia Technician Training Institute are educated to the highest caliber and know exactly what they’re talking about. Students become passionate about their studies through the expertise of their teachers, and dedicate themselves to becoming the best employees they can possibly be. Enroll today to start your amazing journey into the Auto Mechanics and Auto Repair Field!


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Salaries for Auto Mechanics in Philadelphia, PA

One of the things you should consider when contemplating a career as an auto mechanic is salary. Before you decide on a program, consider that at the present time diesel truck mechanics make a higher salary than general auto mechanics which only make $28,000 on average. If you specialize in a particular make or model such as the Corvette you could make $86,000 in the Philadelphia area. The more technical and hands-on experience you receive, the better salary you can demand for your services. Consider taking technical classes that involve working with ignition and computer run systems which will “bump” up your status and make you more employable.

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