Auto Mechanic Schools in Ohio

The demand for qualified, professionals in the automotive technology field continues to grow around the nation, including in the state of Ohio. As the need for skilled automotive mechanics continues to rise, the number of options for accredited programs offering training in service and repair also grows. In Ohio, prospective auto mechanics have a number of options for completing an education that will begin the preparation needed to complete state certification.

auto mechanic image1How to Get Certified in Ohio

Auto mechanics in Ohio are required to hold state certification, and this licensing is reviewed and issued by the Motor Vehicle Repair Board. Certifications in Ohio are issued based on class of employment. Candidates can pursue certification as an automotive service worker, automotive mechanic 1, automotive mechanic 2, automotive technician, or automotive services worker. Each class defines what specific job duties and functions an auto mechanic can perform, and candidates must meet requirements for education and training in order to qualify for each respective auto mechanic class of employment.

Salaries for Auto Mechanic Jobs in Ohio

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for automotive repair specialists in the state of Ohio is just above $35,000, which is just under the national average annual salary of almost $40,000. Professionals in automotive repair have a number of options for finding employment as well. There are approximately 23,000 auto mechanics employed in Ohio, with the largest concentrations of employment located in the Columbus, Toledo, and Dayton metropolitan areas, and these locations also offer the highest average annual salaries in the field.

List of Elite Programs in Ohio

Featured Program: University of Northwestern Ohio


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At the College of Applied Technologies at The University of Northwestern Ohio, diplomas, associates degrees, and baccalaureates degrees are offered in the field of Automotive Technology. Students learn the basics of this career path and then pursue operation and application of what they learn. Diagnosis and repair of vehicles are both large areas of study concentration, and the curriculum stays up to date with the latest technologies and developments in the industry. Instructors teach from the highest quality of education and a great bank of personal real-life experience to educate the students to the best of their ability. Students graduate successfully from this program and are more than prepared to enter the workforce to pursue a successful, lucrative, and satisfying career in the automotive industry. Training starts simple with the basics of the field and works forward to more advanced topics and increased applications of what is being taught in the classroom and lecture setting. Hands-on labs are essential to a student’s success and are integrated as appropriate to afford students with all that they need to get a great start to their career. Enroll today to become a part of the greatness!

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