Auto Mechanic Schools in Oakland, CA

The National Certified Automotive Mechanics Program is a professional association with an online website that is a good place to begin looking for an accredited vehicle repair school in Oakland, Calif. Students can learn how to take voluntary certification tests confirming their knowledge and training through this association in addition to finding accredited schools. An individual achieving an adequate score on a test will receive a document to supply to employers. Educational programs are available to receive certificates or associate degrees at various schools. Students can enroll in classes at community colleges to gain general knowledge about vehicle repair or take specialty courses.

How to Get Certified in Oakland, CA

auto mechanic image1Individuals working as vehicle repair technicians in Oakland are not required to have certification. However, businesses offering vehicle services are required to register with the state’s agency. The Bureau of Automotive Repair of California regulates automotive repair businesses throughout the state. Business owners must verify that employees have adequate training from an accredited educational institution to receive a license to offer vehicle repair services. This state agency inspects repair shops to make sure proper protocols are in place to protect consumers from unscrupulous practices.

Salaries for Auto Mechanic Jobs in Oakland, CA

After completing a certificate or degree, a full-time vehicle repairperson in Oakland earns an average of over $24 an hour, leading to a yearly income of close to $50,000 a year for a full-time worker. New graduates will earn less money than experienced employers but often receive benefits such as insurance plans and vacation time when working for automotive repair franchise businesses. Many knowledgeable graduates open their own independent repair job to maximize their income. By establishing a good image with customers, vehicle mechanics can increase their business to earn more money.

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List of Auto Mechanic Programs in Oakland, CA

Learning professional vehicle repair methods is easy at Oakland Community College located in Oakland, Calif. With two specialized certificate choices, students can enroll in entry-level programs at affordable tuition prices. Additional programs are offered at ITT Institute where students can earn an associate degree in automotive technology. A student interested in a more practical approach of vehicle repair can learn at an on-site location such as Automotive Joint Apprenticeship. For anyone who wants to study long-term, there is a bachelor degree program offered in downtown Oakland at Laney College.