Auto Mechanic Schools in New Hampshire

Residents of New Hampshire have a variety of different options when they are thinking of becoming an auto mechanic within the state. There are a lot of factors that these residents should take into account before going down this journey. Below, they will be able to find a variety of different information that they will need along their journey to becoming an auto mechanic.

Accredited Auto Mechanic Schools in New Hampshire

As of 2015, there are only four colleges within the state of New Hampshire that provide programs for residents who are interested in obtaining a degree or certification in auto mechanics. Just like in anything else, it is imperative that those thinking of becoming an auto mechanic research each of these schools prior to making the final decision of which school best suits their needs. Below, one will be able to find a list of some of the schools that offer these programs in New Hampshire, and they will also be able to see what sort of college it is.

  • Lakes Region Community College – 2 year
  • Manchester Community College – 2 year
  • Nashua Community College – 2 year

auto mechanic image1How to Get Certified in New Hampshire

There are a few different types of certifications that residents of New Hampshire can obtain, and these are important for the quality of job that they will be able to get. All in all, experience and specific certifications are imperative for residents to be able to work as an Auto Mechanic within the state of New Hampshire. An ASE certification is generally one of the best certificates to go after while looking to become an auto mechanic.

List of Elite Programs in New Hampshire

Featured Program: Nashua Community College


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The Automotive Technology Program is one that many people seek the opportunity to be a part of, as the curriculum at the school offers an amazing track to a two year Associates Degree in the field. The most talented and experienced students graduate from the program with all of the skills they need to obtain a great job and place in the workforce. Students end the program with all of the skills they need to also successfully pass the ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) examination. Systems that are studied during the program include but are not limited to steering, suspension, engine repair, electrical, manual transmission, automatic transmission, brakes, performance, heating, and cooling. Through classroom instruction and labs similar to what it would be to work in a real-life garage, students solidify the skills they need to become successful contributors to the automotive industry. Enroll today to begin your journey!

Staff photo by Don Himsel Nashua Community College is working on a significant construction project to create space for specialized manufacturing instruction.

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Salaries for Auto Mechanic Jobs in New Hampshire

Due to the variety of lakes and bodies of water that are present in the state of New Hampshire, auto mechanics have some options when choosing their career paths. On average, a motorboat mechanic can start out making around $37.5k a year, but an actual automotive service technician or mechanic might start out making closer to $40k a year. These are merely averages, though. Depending on experience, education, and location, these numbers could be substantially higher or lower.

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List of Auto Mechanic Programs in New Hampshire

While attending a school within the state of New Hampshire, residents can choose from three different programs, but the program they choose will generally determine the school that they will need to attend. Each program has a different set of requirements, and below, one will be able to view these three different programs.

  • Associate in Applied Science in Automotive Technology (ASEP)
  • Certificate in Automotive Technology
  • Associate in Science in Honda Automotive Technology