Auto Mechanic Schools in Mississippi

Just like everywhere else, Mississippi is always in need of good auto mechanics that are willing to get all of the certifications. Below, one will be able to find all of the information that is needed if they are interested in becoming certified as an auto mechanic within the state.

Accredited Auto Mechanic Schools in Mississippi

Currently, there are three different schools that residents of Mississippi can attend and get different auto mechanic certifications. Some of these schools have online programs, and some of them have hands-on programs available on a physical campus.

  • Ashworth University – Home Study Training
  • Penn Foster – Online campus
  • Stratford Career Institute – Online campus

How to Get Certified in Mississippi

Obtaining a certification for auto mechanics in the state of Mississippi can be easy, but one still needs to have the proper schooling that matches to the type of job they want to obtain. For instance, there are a few jobs that do not require a physical certification, but just about all jobs dealing in auto mechanics requires their workers to have either these certifications or one to two years hands-on experience.

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Salaries for Auto Mechanic Jobs in Mississippi

The amount of one’s salary depends on a few different factors. Education, experience, and location are the three most dominate aspects that determine these numbers. Depending on what sort of Auto mechanic one applies for, they could start out with a yearly salary of $30k to $50k, while in the state of Mississippi. The company that one works for will also affect the type of salary the mechanic will receive. For instance, if someone works for a specialty shop or a large automotive dealership, their salary will generally be higher than someone who works in a small town auto mechanic shop.

List of Elite Programs in Mississippi

Featured Program: East Mississippi Community College


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Welcome to East Mississippi Community College, prospective student! At East Mississippi Community College, a wonderful Automotive Technology Program is available at the Golden Triangle Campus of the school. Both Associate’s Degree and Vocational Certificate programs are offered and of the highest quality, at that. There is a 9-month program offered as well as a 2 year program; the former providing a vocational certificate and the latter an associates degree. Students learn about many basic systems they will use in the automotive industry including: manual drive trains, manual axles, engine repair, automotive transmissions, brakes, steering, electrical systems, engine performance, heating and cooling. Students graduate their respective programs ready to enter the automotive industry and perform their job to the best of their ability. Enroll today and start your amazing career!


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