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Over the years, automobiles have become much more advanced, using sophisticated technology and electronics to operate. For that reason, employers now prefer auto mechanics who complete an education program. Auto mechanics maintain, repair and inspect a variety of automobiles. Some specialize in different types of engines, cars, trucks or large vehicles. A variety of training and certification programs are available to become an auto mechanic. Some training can be started in high school.

The National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is the most recognized accreditation organization for automotive mechanics. Employers often prefer those who attend an educational program recognized by ASE. Among secondary and postsecondary schools in Massachusetts, three are accredited by ASE. Most training takes approximately 6 to 12 months to complete. Many employers, such as dealerships, also provide training for specific automobile makes and models.

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Along with attending an educational program, ASE offers a variety of credentials for auto mechanics. Each credential can be obtained through self-study or taking additional courses, then passing an exam. Auto mechanics can specialize in a specific type of repair or type of automobile. Passing a series of tests allows auto mechanics to earn ASE master status. Credentialing from ASE includes automobile and light truck, collision, damage analysis, truck equipment, transit or school bus, advanced engine, electronic diesel and exhaust system repair.

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Salaries for Auto Mechanics in Massachusetts

Approximately 13,620 auto mechanics were employed in Massachusetts in 2013, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average salary in the state was $43,750 per year or $21.03 per hour. The national average salary was $39,450 per year or $18.97 per hour. Starting salaries in Massachusetts were about $25,230 per year or $12.13 per hour. The highest average salaries were approximately $67,430 per year or $32.42 per hour.

Featured Program: Porter and Chester Institute

Porter and Chester Institute

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At Porter and Chester Institute, 12 months full of hard work can earn you a degree as a skilled technician. Diagnosis and reparation of vehicles are taught  by skilled ASE instructors who provide the highest quality hands-on lessons. They also teach the importance and execution of professionalism to optimize opportunities in the job field of the automotive industry. Enroll today!

Porter and Chester Technical School 8 Presidential Way Woburn, MA for use by Campanelli Companies

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