Auto Mechanic Schools in Maryland

The automotive industry has advanced far beyond the mechanical cars from many years ago. For that reason, auto mechanics require much more training than previous years. Today, many employers require post-secondary education, credentials, as well as continuing education to stay abreast of the industry. There are a variety of training programs and schools available for those interested in a career as an auto mechanic in Maryland.

Auto mechanic education generally requires about 26 to 52 weeks of courses resulting in a certificate or diploma of completion. Education programs are accredited by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation, a subsidiary of the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence. Some accredited programs can be completed in high school through the school’s vocational technical program. Although it’s not required for most jobs, you can also obtain an associate’s degree. Some coursework may be credited, making it faster to complete the degree. In Maryland, there are 28 accredited auto mechanic schools.

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Credentials can be earned from the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence. These credentials allow auto mechanics to specialize in specific automotive systems such as exhaust systems or engines. They can also specialize in large vehicles such as diesel-fueled, commuter or school buses. To obtain specialized credentials, auto mechanics must pass at least one exam. A master automotive technician credential can also be obtained by passing a series of selected exams.

List of Elite Programs in Maryland

Featured Program: Montgomery College

Montgomery College

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Automotive brakes

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The Automotive Technology Program at Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland provides students with the skills necessary to be successful on the ASE certification examinations and to be ready to enter the workforce in an entry level position in the automotive industry. Customized training in steering, suspension systems, brakes, electronics, climate control, and many more are at the students’ disposal to become educated and learn the skills that will afford them a satisfying career that will also support them financially throughout the rest of their lives. Students take part in hands-on training, classroom and lecture style learning, and theoretical classes to become knowledgeable on these topics.

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Salaries for Auto Mechanics in Maryland

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated salary for auto mechanics in 2013. In Maryland, the average salary was $42,780 per year. Many auto mechanics earn hourly wages and overtime. The average hourly wage was $20.57 per hour. Salaries for auto mechanics in Maryland were higher than the national average of $39,450 per year or $18.97 per hour.

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