Auto Mechanic Schools in Indiana

If you enjoy working on a variety of vehicles to make repairs, then find an accredited school to attend to receive training to work as an automobile technician in Indiana. The Automotive Service Excellence or ASE is an online association to learn about accredited training throughout the state of Indiana that is offered at technical schools and community colleges. Designed for teachers, students and employers, this association has over 300,000 members who participate in maintaining the industry’s standards. In addition to learning about educational programs, repairpersons can find out how to register their shops.

How to Get Certified in Indiana

After completing a degree in vehicle repair in Indiana, students can register with the Automotive Service Excellence Association that has testing centers nationwide. The state of Indiana maintains a site where professionals can register their training and businesses. Professional certification testing is available at various locations to provide documents for technicians to keep on the wall of a shop or inside a wallet to show to customers. The college that a student attends while learning about vehicle repair will provide assistance with meeting certification requirements.

Auto Mechanic Schools in Indiana
Salaries for Auto Mechanic Jobs in Indiana

An individual with appropriate training in vehicle repair can demand a higher salary from an employer. The average automotive technician in Indiana earns close to $40,000 a year with additional benefits such as vacation days and medical insurance. Technicians who own their own shops earn the most money while new trainees earn the least. Repairpersons in smaller towns earn less money due to the lower cost of living while those living in larger cities such as Indianapolis or Fort Wayne are paid more. A full-time worker will earn approximately $19 an hour, leading to a weekly paycheck of over $760.

List of Elite Programs in Indiana

Featured Program: Vincennes University


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At Vincennes University, there are many courses in addition to these that students can pursue in: Aviation, Collision Repair and Refinishing, Manufacturing Technology through Computer Integration, Electronics, and Transportation. VU has a great and long-standing reputation of having some of the most perceptive and determined students and most knowledgeable and high quality professors around. There is a plethora of opportunities for students to pursue in the area of work study and their classes and certifications that they will earn and work toward make them very marketable in the automotive industry upon graduation. Enroll today, classes fill up fast!


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