Auto Mechanic Schools in Illinois

Anyone with a talent for repairing their own vehicles should consider attending an accredited auto mechanic college in Illinois. One thing that perspective students in this career can count on is that vehicles breakdown occasionally, requiring a professional repair from a mechanic. Finding an accredited school is essential to get the best training in this lucrative career. Professional associations are a good place to find accredited programs in this state. Two to contact are the Automotive Service Association of Illinois and the Illinois Vehicle Repair Association. Both of these associations have online websites where the public can find a list of schools.

How to Get Certified in Illinois

The Automotive Service Excellence organization offers certification tests nationwide, including in Illinois for trained vehicle mechanics. Receiving a certificate from this organization helps employers know that you have the appropriate training in an accredited program. Wallet and wall certificates are provided to individuals who receive an adequate score on the vehicle maintenance test to supply to auto repair shops. To keep up with training, a mechanic should continue to enroll in continuing education courses to learn about changes in vehicles such as trucks and vans.

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Salaries for Auto Mechanic Jobs in Illinois

Large cities such as Chicago offer the highest salary options for experienced vehicle mechanics in Illinois. Experienced individuals earn approximately $57,000 per year full-time, leading to an hourly wage of over $27 an hour. In smaller towns, vehicle technicians earn far less because the cost of living is much lower. Mechanics earn an average of $40,000 per year or $19 an hour. A mechanic that operates their own shop may earn more because they receive a percentage of employees’ income by providing a building and service bays for vehicle repair. Mechanics working for franchises may receive benefits such as medical insurance or vacation days.

List of Elite Programs in Illinois

Featured Program: Lincoln Technical Institute

Lincoln Technical Institute

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As a talented student and scholar at Lincoln Technical Institute, students can pursue degrees and certifications in Heavy Equipment, Collision Repair as well as Refinishing, and Diesel Technology. These courses of study are along with or instead of the Automotive Technology program discussed in the video above. Service and repair of different types and models of vehicles are instructed upon by the best and most qualified professionals around. Lincoln Technical Institute provides an amazing education by top-notch professors and affords students wonderful opportunities to become qualified to pursue satisfying careers in the automotive industry. Enroll today!

Pictured below is the Illinois campus of Lincoln Technical Institute.

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