Diesel Mechanic Schools in South Carolina

Our industrialized society still relies heavily on diesel engines for work, transportation, and in some cases, entertainment. Even in our highly technical world full of computers, there is still a growing demand for those with the mechanical skills necessary to service and build these rugged engines. If you are looking for a new career or simply want to add to your earning potential, a diesel mechanic program in South Carolina might be the answer you seek. With three different schools to choose from, you will certainly find a program that suits your schedule and your needs. Diesel technology courses are taught at Greenville Technical College, Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College, and Florence-Darlington Technical School.

Diesel-south carolinaRequirements & Eligibility

In order to begin your training as a diesel mechanic you must have finished high school or earned your GED. Many schools only have a basic set of requirements that apply to any program they offer, such as verification of completion of all necessary lower level coursework. Once you’ve been accepted and started your course work, you’ll be well on your way to a career in diesel technology. The demand for diesel mechanics is at a high point, and while it is legal to hire someone without certification or even completed education, most employers will only consider those applicants who have earned some form of degree or training. Some employers offer training in house to help specialize their diesel mechanics, but such opportunities are rare in South Carolina. Obtaining legitimate education from an accredited institution in the field is by far the most efficient way to start your new career.

Application Process & Cost

The process for entering one of the three South Carolina technical schools that offer diesel coursework is relatively simple. First you must decide on the actual accreditation you are pursuing, whether it be a full degree or a certification. In either case you will fill out a few forms through the school’s website, pay an small application fee, and your part is done. Scholarships are available for those who are accepted to help differ the cost of tuition, which averages just above $4100 in South Carolina.

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Online Programs

While there are some examples of online coursework for diesel education in South Carolina, most of these programs are only supplementary and can not fully prepare you for a job or career in the diesel field. Hands on training in a comprehensive classroom setting is paramount to learning a new trade skill such as this.

Maintaining Certification/License & Renewal

South Carolina does not actually require any diesel mechanic to have any certification or degree before starting work, however most companies will not even consider an applicant who has incomplete formal training or none at all. Once you’ve earned your official certificate or degree from an accredited school you are not required to renew them in any way. For those mechanics who want to further express their proficiency, the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, or the ASE, allows for testing that will qualify those who pass for promotions or pay raises by showcasing their knowledge of steering systems, electrical systems, brakes, and preventative maintenance.

Salary & Job Prospects

Estimates show there are approximately 3,500 diesel mechanics working in South Carolina, and the national industry forecast predicts as many as 21,600 positions will be added nationally by the year 2022. The average salary for a South Carolina diesel mechanic is about $36,900, with the top ten percent making as much as $57,000. With such amazing salary potentials and a job market that is only going to grow in the future, it’s easy to see why pursuing a career in diesel mechanics is a great way to change your life for the better.

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