Diesel Mechanic Schools in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is one of the best states you could choose in which to pursue a career as a diesel technician. With twelve different schools offering programs for diesel training, there will certainly be an option that will fit your needs. A variety of industries utilize diesel technology, and the booming sector is only going to continue to grow with our population. A decision to start a career as a diesel mechanic in Pennsylvania is one that will place you at the forefront of such a secure market.

Diesel-penssylvaniaRequirements & Eligibility

All applicants 18 years or older are eligible for admission to an accredited school in Pennsylvania with only a high school diploma or GED equivalency. No licenses or special certifications are needed to be employed as a diesel mechanic, but most employers will avoid hiring candidates without at least a one-year certificate from an accredited institution. The ASE also offers voluntary certification that serves to further identify quality professionals in the workforce.

Application Process & Costs

All schools have slight differences in what they require during an application, but most are basically the same. A simple set of forms must be completed online and usually must be accompanied by an application fee. Financial aid options are also available and can be applied for online. The average annual tuition cost for the twelve schools in Pennsylvania is around $14,400, but many students are able to supplement the cost with scholarships or financial aid. The average scholarship amount is nearly $6,800, and loans will able to cover the rest.

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Online Programs

While there are some online classes that serve as boosters for existing education, a hands-on approach is required for all incoming students. It is impossible to learn proper diesel technology skills without real world experience during the process, and the multiple schools in Pennsylvania offer such a setting. Schools like Penn Foster and Stratford offer classes for those mechanics who have already earned their degree but want to continue furthering their education.

Maintaining Certification/License & Renewal

In the state of Pennsylvania, and in nearly the entire country, diesel mechanics are not required to have any form of license to be legally employed. Mechanics don’t even technically need a certificate or degree to legally work, but employers are much more likely to hire someone with higher education or certification. The ASE offers certification for all employed diesel technicians who have at least two years of working experience after graduation. Candidates choose an exam in a specific specialization and receive certification for five years upon passing the exam. While the ASE certification is not required, it will greatly increase earning and employment potentials for any diesel technician.

Salary & Job Prospects

A career as a diesel mechanic is promising for both salary opportunities and future job security. It has be estimated that by the year 2020 the market for diesel technicians will increase up to 20%. Delivery companies, car dealerships, and repair shops are just a few industries that will need an increasing supply of diesel mechanics. Many employers are already offering extended hours and overtime opportunities to their employees. In Pennsylvania the average salary for a technician is $41,200, with some making as much as $57,900 depending on experience and certification.

Pennsylvania is a great place to start your career as a diesel mechanic. It is not only home to some of the most historic sites in the US, but it is a center of diesel educational options. With twelve schools that offer accredited training in the diesel industry, and at an affordable cost, you will certainly be able to fulfill your desire to become a trained diesel technician.

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