Diesel Mechanic Schools in New Mexico

Today, an exciting career as a Diesel Mechanic offers a great pathway to steady employment in New Mexico. If you enjoy working around machinery and you possess dexterity, this work may appeal to you. Diesel Mechanics enjoy bright prospects in New Mexico.

Diesel Mechanics today can obtain lucrative careers working for government agencies, fleet owners, automotive repair companies and other employers. In some situations, they perform evening or shift work, although most work during daytime hours.

Diesel-new mexicoRequirements & Eligibility

New Mexico evidently does not require Diesel Mechanics to hold occupational licenses at this time. However, an automotive repair shop should expect to apply for a local business license in the state.

As a practical matter, automotive mechanics seeking employment usually need to demonstrate preparation and training by graduating from a formal academic program offering courses in diesel engine maintenance and repair. Most also hope to obtain certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (“ASE”). The ASE issues the designation “Certified Diesel Mechanic” to mechanics with two years of experience who pass a skills test. Additionally, Diesel Mechanics sometimes earn certifications in various specialties, such as Inspection or Electronic Systems. Gaining specialized credentials in this field requires passing tests to demonstrate skills.

Application Process & Costs

Several institutions in New Mexico offer a formal certificate or degree program in Diesel Mechanics. For instance, Central New Mexico College began as a trade school in 1965. Today it conducts classes in Diesel Mechanics in Albuquerque. Other schools, including San Juan College in Farmington, NM also furnish education to students specializing in diesel engines. Taking a course in this subject may provide a great way to determine whether you will enjoy studying to become a Diesel Mechanic.

Tuition varies widely depending upon college programs, and in-state rates usually cost less than out-of-state. Expect to spend at least $2,000 to $8,000 per semester to study Diesel Mechanics in this state.

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Online Programs

Diesel Mechanics cannot complete all their training online because they require practice in order to develop skills inspecting, cleaning and repairing machinery. However some colleges and vocational schools permit students seeking certificates or degrees in this field to complete certain prerequisites over the Internet.

Maintaining Certification/License & Renewal

The ASE requires re-testing every five years. State licensing requirements sometimes change, so checking this issue frequently remains a wise idea. Employers sometimes ask Diesel Mechanics to take a class to learn about new repair techniques or products. Success in this field requires ongoing education to keep pace with changing technologies.

Salary & Job Prospects

Diesel Mechanic salaries in New Mexico vary widely by location. Diesel Mechanics in Albuquerque reportedly earn an average of $44,500 annually, above the national median for this occupation. Salaries for workers in this field in New Mexico range from $36,000 to $55,500 or more, depending upon experience, credentials and the location. Nationwide, the median Diesel Mechanic salary was $20.35 an hour in May, 2012.

Some analysts believe the demand for Diesel Mechanics will increase by 14.5% in New Mexico through 2020, well above the national job outlook forecasting a 9% increase. Diesel Mechanics who work for government agencies can expect salaries in upper ranges, and those in the truck transportation field usually earn the least. Individual compensation levels vary. Factors such as job experience and certifications impact wages.

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