Diesel Mechanic Schools in New Jersey

Many diesel cars, trucks, and passenger trucks ply U.S. roads and highways. Diesel mechanics help to keep vehicles in the best running condition by diagnosing problems, repairing engines, performing inspections and completing routine maintenance. While you can become a mechanic by gaining hands on experience in a shop, the majority of diesel mechanics seek certification through a formal education program.

Diesel-new jerseyRequirements & Eligibility

To obtain diesel engine mechanic certification, you must have a minimum two years experience in mechanics. However, if you do not meet this requirement you can substitute it with a high school diploma or post high school training such as an Original Equipment Manufacturer sponsored program. You can complete the post high school training before completing your work experience condition. However, you will not receive certification until you finish your work experience program.

Application Process

• Search for diesel mechanic schools in New Jersey.

• Call the institutions and inquire about their requirements, application costs, tuition fees, and other details related to the program.

• Choose the school that best meets your needs in terms of cost, location, and suitability of the program with your career dreams.

• Apply for an automotive technician program in the vocational training school or community college of your choice. Some of the courses included in an automotive training program include fundamentals of automotive diagnosis and engine repair. The program may also include additional classes in math, computers, communication, and physical science.

• Complete the training program and pass relevant exams.

• Apply for an internship at a diesel mechanic workshop. The internship opportunity will help you develop your technical skills and learn from experienced diesel mechanics. Work as an intern in the diesel mechanic workshop for two years.

• Apply for the ASE certification test.

• Pass the ASE certification test to obtain your diesel mechanic certification

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Certification and Experience

To be certified, you must pass the ASE diesel mechanic certification test and have minimum two years experience as a diesel mechanic in a certified diesel mechanic workshop. Advanced designations such as the electronic diesel engine diagnosis specialist require three years of work experience and ASE certification. Diesel engine mechanics need to keep abreast of the constant changes in the diesel engine design industry. Therefore, modern diesel engine mechanics should be ready to attend ongoing training courses throughout their careers.

Maintaining Certification/License & Renewal

Every diesel mechanic must apply for recertification after every five years. The registration fee for the recertification test is $74. Recertification for advanced diesel mechanic certification tests cost $76. Diesel mechanics are required to register in order to take the test. The purpose of the recertification test is to make sure diesel mechanics remain current on new practices and developments in diesel vehicles. Diesel mechanics do not have to wait for their certifications to expire before they reapply. In addition, they can decide to take the initial certification test or a recertification test to renew their licenses.

Online Programs

There are various online diesel mechanic certification programs including automotive diesel engine technology programs as well as programs offered by specific diesel car manufacturers. Most online diesel mechanic programs last between one and two years and may lead to a certificate of completion or a degree.

Salary & Job Prospects

Diesel mechanics is a profession with great potential and offers opportunities for good pay. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average pay for U.S. diesel mechanics is $41,590 a year. The highest paid diesel mechanics earned an average of $59,700 per year while the lowest paid diesel mechanics earned an average $26,590 per annum.

Alaska has the highest paid diesel mechanics in the U.S. earning $56,370 a year. Nevada comes in second with diesel mechanics earning $50,690 a year. Third was the state of Hawaii where diesel mechanics earn an average $48,720 per annum while Wyoming has the fourth highest earning mechanics with an annual salary of $48,720.

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