Diesel Mechanic Schools in Montana

Do you desire a financially rewarding career in Montana? Today, one of the best paths for job seekers in this state involves working to test, inspect and repair diesel machinery and automotive equipment. Most trucks and buses still require diesel engines for cost-effective operation, as do many maritime vessels. Oil drilling and mining operations demand the services of skilled Diesel Mechanics, too. If you possess an aptitude for working around machinery, you may discover a satisfying, well-paid career by studying diesel technologies at a vocational school or college. An education in this field could lead to job security in Montana.

Diesel-montanaRequirements And Eligibility

Montana does not yet require Diesel Mechanics to obtain occupational licenses. Workers who drive diesel trucks in connection with their employment must obtain an appropriate grade of commercial drivers license, however. Additionally, businesses performing repairs on diesel equipment usually require business permits to operate in particular locales.

To establish their qualifications, most aspiring Diesel Mechanics today graduate from formal certificate or degree programs. Colleges, vocational schools and some employers offer training in Diesel Mechanics.

This occupation appeals to many workers seeking entry into lucrative oil field employment. Additionally, Diesel Mechanics today often work as government inspectors, diesel machinery repair technicians, or automotive mechanics. Some help to maintain commercial motor vehicle fleets.

Application Process And Costs

Students pursuing degrees or certificates in Diesel Mechanics usually spend at least $5000 a year in Montana. Those who must pay out-of-state tuition typically pay about three times that figure.

Taking a class in this subject may prove helpful to students considering a career in the field. Many educational institutions in Montana offer courses in diesel and automotive technology, including Helena College and City College at Montana State University Billings.

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Online Programs

Students seeking to gain proficiency in Diesel Mechanics cannot depend on online programs alone, because this occupation requires extensive practice inspecting, cleaning, troubleshooting and repairing diesel machinery and using repair equipment. Workshops usually involve an experienced instructor personally supervising no more than 20 students.

In previous years, Diesel Mechanics trained for three to four years completing simple tasks under the supervision of a senior mechanic. Gradually, workers advanced to a more responsible journeyman position. Today, most students develop skills in this occupation by enrolling in a formal program to learn to become a Diesel Mechanic. They may take online classes in order to complete required academic prerequisites, such as a GED or a math course.

Maintaining Certification/License And Renewal

Certifications from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (“ASE”) attest to skills in Diesel Mechanics. Workers with two years of experience can apply to sit for a test to demonstrate their abilities. Those who pass receive a certification.

Attaining this credential may assist job-seekers. Certified Diesel Mechanics must pass tests every five years to retain their status. Many employers also ask Diesel Mechanics to complete additional specialized technical training.

Salary And Job Prospects

Analysts predict that job prospects for Diesel Mechanics in Montana will increase faster than the national rate of 9% for this occupation. Estimates as high as 15% suggest that businesses in this region will continue requiring the skills of competent mechanics holding qualifications in diesel technology for the next few years. Nationally, Diesel Mechanics earn an average salary of $42,320 per year, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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