Diesel Mechanic Schools in Mississippi

Perhaps you’ve considered launching your career as a Diesel Mechanic in Mississippi? This active occupation offers an excellent pathway to a well-paid, secure job. Today the skills of Diesel Mechanics help keep fleets of trucks and buses operating all across the USA. In Mississippi, where the cost of living remains lower than average, working as a Diesel Mechanic can provide a comfortable lifestyle. This important field appeals to people who enjoy repairing machinery and equipment. It does not require an extensive education to enter. As a skilled Diesel Mechanic, you’ll help save lives by preventing roadway accidents when you maintain diesel engines in safe condition.

Diesel-mississipiEligibility And Requirements

Mississippi does not issue occupational licenses to Diesel Mechanics at this time. Mechanics working on diesel engines do not require academic degrees to enter this field. However, a Diesel Mechanic may need to obtain a commercial drivers license for employment purposes in order to test drive some diesel trucks on the road.

Some businesses offer on-the-job training for Diesel Mechanics. Increasingly today, employers prefer to hire graduates of formal academic programs leading to certificates or degrees in diesel mechanics and diesel technology. To gain admission, applicants usually require at least a high school diploma or a GED.

After working for two years, a Diesel Mechanic may apply to take a test offered by the National Institute for Automotive Service Exellence (“ASE”). Passing this skills examination leads to certification. Certified Diesel Mechanics usually enjoy an advantage in the job market, also. This credential demonstrates a high skill level in the field of Diesel Mechanics.

Application Process And Costs

Training for a career in Diesel Mechanics in Mississippi costs less than in many other states. Students enrolled in colleges or vocational schools at in-state rates should prepare to spend at least $2,000 in tuition.

The Automotive Manufacturers Association and some other organizations in Mississippi sometimes award scholarships to students studying diesel technology to help offset the costs involved. Students considering a Diesel Mechanics career may begin by enrolling in a college course.

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Programs Online

Mississippi students can complete many prerequisites for Diesel Mechanic programs online. For example, if you do not possess a high school diploma, you can study for your GED over the Internet today.

Students studying diesel mechanics participate in many class exercises. They learn how to inspect and troubleshoot engines under the direction of experienced instructors. They gain practice cleaning, troubleshooting and repairing different types of diesel engines and equipment.

Maintaining Certification/License And Renewal

Certified Diesel Mechanics who want to maintain certifications must pass tests at five year intervals. Employers usually prefer to hire skilled mechanics who complete continuing educational courses to learn about new products and repair technologies. Many employers ask Diesel Mechanics to attend these classes offered by manufacturers and sales companies.

Salary And Job Prospects

The U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2012, Diesel Mechanics in the United States earned average incomes of $42,320. Salaries in Mississippi range from entrance levels of approximately $23,000 in rural areas to $48,000 or more for experienced mechanics in cities. This occupation anticipates job growth of 9% through 2022. Attending a certificate or degree program at a college of vocational school in Mississippi to learn about diesel technology helps you begin an in-demand career!

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