Diesel Mechanic Schools in Michigan

A career as a diesel mechanic in Michigan will place you in a quickly growing industry with excellent job security at an incredible value for your educational budget. Michigan has only one school that offers diesel technician classes, but it has an exceptional diesel technology program. Kirtland Community College in Roscommon, Michigan is the only place in the state to get certified as a diesel mechanic from an accredited institution.

Diesel-michiganRequirements & Eligibility

As is the case with many states, diesel mechanics in Michigan don’t need certification or a degree to be legally employed. Only a high school diploma or GED equivalency is required, both for employment or for potential admission into a training program. It should be noted that most employers won’t hire a diesel mechanic with no formal training, especially without experience. Employers are impressed by higher levels of education and certification, so an Associate’s degree would be more appealing than a one-year certification. Higher levels of certification are available as well through the ASE.

Application Process & Costs

Kirtland Community College allows applicants to apply online with no application fee. Financial aid and admission applications can be filled out quickly and conveniently on their website, free of charge. The annual tuition cost is roughly $4,300, and financial aid can potentially cover the entire sum with some to spare for living expenses. During the application process you will need to decide whether you are pursuing a certificate or a degree. The certificate can be completed in a year, while the Associate’s degree takes two years. Credits from the certificate program will be applicable if you decide to continue your education for a degree.

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Online Programs

Supplemental courses for diesel mechanics are available online, but accredited training in a real-world classroom setting is the only way to truly learn a trade skill. Schools like Stratford and Penn Foster provide classes online for those wishing to expand their knowledge, but hands-on experience must be completed for a certification or degree in Michigan.

Maintaining Certification/License & Renewal

Michigan does not require any diesel technician to have any sort of license or certification in order to be employed. With that said, it is much more likely that a technician will find employment if they have certification from an accredited institution of learning. For those seeking to further their career, ASE certification is possible after two years of experience have been gained post graduation. Diesel mechanics who wish to attain ASE certification must pass an exam after the two year waiting period, but the certification lasts for five years. ASE certification can lead to higher salaries and more opportunities for those who go the extra mile.

Salary & Job Prospects

Now is the time to become a diesel mechanic if there ever was one. Growth in the diesel sector is expected to continue until the year 2020, adding up to 35,000 jobs to the market in the next five years. In Michigan there are currently about 6,600 diesel technicians currently employed, and that number is expected to hit 7,100 by 2020. The current average salary for diesel technicians in Michigan is about $42,700, but the high end of the range for those with the most education and highest certification is nearly $63,000.

Michigan would be a great opportunity for someone looking to take advantage of the booming diesel industry. The state has a cost of living 12% below the national average, which would allow someone with a diesel technician’s salary to live an fulfilling life. For the low cost of tuition, a career as a diesel mechanic in Michigan would serve you well.

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