Diesel Mechanic Schools in Maryland

Maryland may be a small state, but it is still home to two schools that offer diesel mechanic training. Diesel engines are a critical part of every day life, and they are used for everything from transportation to entertainment. A growing demand for mechanics who are able to deal with diesel engines means that anyone willing to begin a new career as a diesel mechanic will have ample job opportunities, and Maryland provides an ideal place to start your search for an educational program.

Diesel-marylandRequirements & Eligibility

As with any secondary level educational course, a high school diploma or GED equivalency is required for admission to a diesel mechanic certification or degree program. In Maryland, the two schools that offer such programs are North American Trade Schools and The Community College of Baltimore County. Both schools offer hands-on training in a comprehensive setting for both certification and full degrees.

Application Process & Costs

Applying for a diesel mechanic program is a simple process that essentially involves filling out a few forms online, and paying a small application fee. The average tuition cost is roughly $5,700 yearly for the two schools in Maryland. The length of your program will vary depending on what path you choose. For those seeking only certification, the coursework typically takes a single year, but for those earning their Associate’s degree the work can take up to two years. Gaining a degree over solely obtaining certification is useful for those who hope to continue advancing their education, and employers tend to be more impressed by higher education.

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Online Programs

Supplemental online courses are available on a limited scale, but diesel mechanic training can only be effective through real-world experience in a classroom or lab setting. Schools like Penn Foster and Stratford offer career training online for those seeking to further their existing diesel knowledge, but in Maryland only those who attend the accredited institutions are eligible for certification.

Maintaining Certification/License & Renewal

Once a student has completed either a certification program or obtained their degree they can immediately begin seeking work in Maryland. No license or other specific certification is needed, however many diesel mechanics choose to become ASE certified. At least two years of experience are required before a mechanic is allowed to take an ASE certification exam, but once completed, ASE certification is valid for five years.

Salary & Job Prospects

By the year 2020 the national demand for professional diesel mechanics is expected to increase 15%. That means there could be as many as 35,000 additional jobs available in the diesel sector within the next five years. Maryland will see a good portion of that growth, as the state already employs about 3,200 diesel mechanics. The average salary in Maryland for a diesel technician is about $47,500. Entry level jobs pay around $29,000, but with experience and eventual ASE certification some mechanics are able to make nearly $67,000 annually. Auto repair shops, dealerships, and delivery companies in Maryland all have a need for entry level employees, and the experience gained will only help you earn more as you continue through your career.

While the standard cost of living in Maryland is higher than the national average, the salary potentials available to those with diesel technician training more than outweigh the cost. With the added benefits of a quick training period, high salaries, and low tuition costs, it’s easy to see why a career as a diesel mechanic in Maryland is not only a great option, but a realistic and achievable one.

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