Diesel Mechanic Schools in Iowa

Diesel Mechanics perform essential services for the transportation industry. They help maintain fleets of diesel-powered heavy trucks and buses. These highly regarded mechanics sometimes work in maritime occupations, too. Today, as global commerce distributes streams of products across the nation, the in-demand skills of well trained Diesel Mechanics remain vitally important. Training to help service, maintain and overhaul diesel engines appeals to many people who enjoy troubleshooting mechanical issues. Finding employment in this dynamic field may lead to a fun, personally rewarding career.

Diesel-iowaRequirements And Eligibility

At the current time, Iowa does not issues occupational licenses to Diesel Mechanics. Since state licensing laws change from time to time, it makes sense to check this requirement before seeking employment in this field. A Diesel Mechanic who wishes to test drive some types of heavy equipment on Iowa roads requires a commercial drivers license.

Many Diesel Mechanics with at least two years of work experience seek certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), a nonprofit self-governing industry body. The ASE offers tests that enable mechanics to demonstrate their skills.

Employers increasingly display preferences for hiring graduates who have pursued an education in diesel engine technology. Many colleges and vocational schools in Iowa offer certificate courses in this subject. Some also sponsor programs and classes leading to applied associates or bachelor of science degrees .

Application Process And Costs

Several educational institutions in Iowa offer certificates in applied diesel technologies. Applicants should check the accreditation status of a program carefully before applying.

Some institutions provide highly specialized training. A course or degree plan in this field may require variable lengths of time to complete. Tuition costs range from under $4,000 to over $11,000 or more in Iowa.

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Online Programs

Online programs enable motivated learners to complete admission requirements conveniently. However, students seeking to become Diesel Mechanics should plan on attending college or vocational school class exercises to gain practice working on diesel engines under the supervision of an experienced instructor. This “hands on” background gives them valuable practical experience cleaning, overhauling and troubleshooting engines.

Maintaining Certification/License And Renewal

Re-testing occurs every five years for ASE certifications. Many Diesel Mechanics also must meet requirements outlined by employers. This process may involve attending new product seminars. The ability to use and interpret diagnostic software correctly remains a very important job skill in this field.

Salary And Job Prospects

Since many Diesel Mechanics work in Iowa, competition for vacancies in this state proves more significant than in some other places around the nation. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that qualified Diesel Mechanics earned an average income of $42,320 in 2012. The typical Diesel Mechanic’s salary in Iowa falls slightly below this figure, although very skilled mechanics in the state report earnings well above the national median.

Diesel Mechanics in Iowa receive annual salaries ranging from $23,300 to more than $54,000. Experienced mechanics, and those employed by government agencies, tend to earn higher salaries than recent graduates.

Iowa anticipates growth of about 4% for technicians in this field. Projected openings for Diesel Mechanics remain at 9% nationwide through 2020. Diesel Mechanics in this state face more intense competition for available positions than in some other locations. Attaining certifications and graduating from accredited training programs usually enhances employment prospects for Diesel Mechanics.

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