Diesel Mechanic Schools in Hawaii

Diesel Mechanics in Hawaii command above-average salaries. They enjoy many opportunities to help maintain heavy industrial, automotive and maritime equipment. Fewer than 1,000 of these professionals work in the Hawaiian Islands, yet they perform a meaningful occupation. Their skills keep buses and delivery trucks operating on roadways, and ferries and commercial fishing vessels sailing through coastal waters. A career as a Diesel Mechanic in beautiful Hawaii entails both job security and a rewarding, busy schedule.

Diesel-hawaiiRequirements And Eligibility

Most employers in Hawaii expect Diesel Mechanics to obtain a certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Applicants with two years of work experience take a test to demonstrate their skills.

Hawaii does not license work on diesel engines specifically, but the State does issue licenses to mechanics for the conduct of safety inspections on vehicles with diesel engines. To perform this function, an applicant must furnish proof of qualifications and pay a fee.

Obtaining additional certifications through the ASE enables a mechanic to qualify to inspect other categories of engines and machine parts. The Hawaii Department of Motor Vehicle Safety administers this program.

Several colleges and vocational schools offer courses in Hawaii leading to certificates or applied associates degrees in diesel mechanics. A certificate program typically requires less time to finish. Degree programs usually provide a broader background in this field. A well-rounded education proves helpful for long term career advancement.

Today, diesel mechanics perform a variety of tasks. They need to know how to use diagnostic software designed for specific models of diesel engines. Additionally, they may test drive vehicles and boats, perform routine maintenance and troubleshoot malfunctions. Like mechanics who work on other types of engines, a specialist in diesel engines must know how to safely elevate diesel equipment using hydraulic jacks or other hoists. Many Diesel Mechanics in Hawaii inspect brake systems, drive trains and other parts of transportation vehicles.

Application Process And Costs

Several educational and vocational institutions offer training for Diesel Mechanics in Hawaii. For instance, both Honolulu Community College in Honolulu and Hawaii Community College in Hilo provide classes in this field.

Students may pay as little as $2500 per year in in-state tuition. Costs vary depending on the provider and any applicable student fees and textbook costs.

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Convenient Online Programs

Gaining experience inspecting and overhauling diesel engines requires attending a class under the supervision of an experienced instructor. However, an applicant to a college or vocational school today can sometimes meet academic background requirements required to become a Diesel Mechanic by passing tests or completing an online course.

Maintaining Certification/License And Renewal

Mechanics holding ASE certifications re-test at regular intervals in order to maintain currency. Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection licenses issued by the State of Hawaii expire also. Diesel Mechanics possessing these licenses pay a renewal fee.

Salary And Job Prospects

Many Diesel Mechanics in Hawaii enjoy above-average financial compensation. Research conducted by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (“BLS”) indicates that in the spring of 2012, a Diesel Mechanic in the USA averaged an annual income of $42,320. However, the median salary in Hawaii in this occupation stands at $58,420. Diesel Mechanics who work on maritime and ocean-going vessels can earn compensation in the very high $70,000 range. Nationally, the BLS projects a 9% increase in this field through 2022.

More Diesel Mechanic Schools in Hawaii

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