Diesel Mechanic Schools in California You Should Consider

Individuals looking for career alternatives, diesel technology is an open field with opportunities to study diesel and truck technology. There are more than 70 vocational, technical, four-year college, and community college institutions that offer diesel mechanic training in California. These diesel mechanic schools in California train future mechanics to maintain and repair medium to large sized diesel trucks.

The process of entering the certificate, associate, or bachelor program consists of completing an admission application and/or entrance testing. Upon completion of the program, potential students are prepared to practice safety precautions, operate mechanical equipment, and perform maintenance & repair services.

Diesel-californiaRequirements & Eligibility

The requirements to enter a vocational or trade school is fairly simply. Most students after completing high school have taken auto mechanic courses. It’s helpful for the high school graduate to continue his or her education by attending an accredited college or technical school. To enter a diesel technology program, the high school graduate must ensure the college receives a copy of the transcript or GED certificate for proof.

The application fee is reasonable in cost and non-refundable. There are a variety of mechanic institutions that require applicants to pass a standardize entrance exam to test basic reading, math, and communication skills.

Application Process & Costs

The admissions office handles all processing of applications and collecting fees. At certain community colleges the enrollment fee for California residents is between $40 up to $50 per unit. Prospective foreign students are charged the same as California residents, plus a $25 SEVIS fee. There are other fees, such as health service if the student plans to live on campus, for an example. For automotive and diesel technology certificates and degrees, the cost may total $32,000 for a total of nearly 54 credits.

Diesel mechanic schools in California: Online Programs

Individuals may attend classes online or in classroom settings on campuses. The online courses offered online are diesel engines, truck mechanics, electrical installation, and computer & electrical repairs. There are courses that require completion online, campus, and repair shop environment. The future student is given the option of selecting courses offered online or in the college campus catalog.

The process to enter an online program is the same as registering in person on the campus. Everything may be completed online, including admissions and registrations. Online academic advisors are available at colleges and trade schools to help prospective students with selecting the appropriate program, tuition costs, financial aid, and certification.

Maintaining Certification / License & Renewal

Graduates of diesel mechanic schools in California may be certified by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF). To receive certification, the graduate must pass the Automotive Service Excellence examination with a passing score. To remain accredited and licensed to work, NATEF requires technicians to complete a two-year compliance review and tests every five years. Continuous education in the diesel mechanic industry is crucial because technology changes every few years.

Salary & Job Prospects

In the state of California the employment was estimated over 60,000 and the hourly mean earnings was $21.00, in 2014. The 2014 United States Department of Labor Statistics reported the annual mean salary at $44,000. Diesel mechanics earn comfortable wages to repair, maintain, write estimates, and diagnose problems with heavy duty trucks.

Certified mechanics may find jobs in the truck transportation industry, maintenance & repair shops, dealer manufacturers, and parts & supplies wholesalers. The job market for diesel mechanics are plentiful in California to work on buses, boats, equipment, construction machinery, and trucks.

All accredited schools in the United States have to meet certain requirements to enroll into programs offering courses in truck and diesel technology. If you have a high school education or GED and previous experience, as well as excellent communications, reading and writing skills, the process to enter diesel mechanic program is quick and simple. The job requires students to be physical fit because the job duties of mechanics are lifting heavy equipment and tools. Earn your certification, associate’s or bachelor’s degree at one of the 70 community colleges, four-year colleges, or technical schools in California.

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