Diesel Mechanic Schools in Arizona

A job seeker with mechanical aptitude searching for an interesting career should consider training to become a Diesel Mechanic. These skilled professionals help inspect, maintain, troubleshoot, repair and overhaul diesel-powered motor vehicles, boats and equipment. They play a vital role in maintaining the safety and operational capacities of commercial trucking fleets. Most large trucks and buses on the road today use diesel engines. When this equipment breaks down, mechanics with specialized skills in diesel technology perform the roadside repairs. A solid education in this field takes you many places.

Diesel-arizonaRequirements And Eligibility

At this time, Arizona does not issue occupational licenses to Diesel Mechanics. A Diesel Mechanic does require a commercial drivers license to test drive most diesel-powered vehicles on Arizona roads.

To establish their qualifications to work on diesel engines, mechanics with at least two years of experience can apply to take a skills test administered by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). A successful score leads to the award of the designation Certified Diesel Mechanic by the ASE. Many employers prefer to hire Diesel Mechanics holding this certification. The ASE sponsors additional tests for Diesel Mechanics seeking specialized certifications in particular automotive fields, too, such as Inspections.

In order to improve their employment prospects in this field, students may enroll in academic programs offered by colleges or vocational schools. They learn about diesel technology and equipment repair. These courses usually culminate in the award of a certificate or an applied associates degree (an A.A.S.). Some educational institutions also offer B.S. degrees in Diesel Technology. A broad background in the field may prove helpful in the future. Many certificates relate to specialized areas or applications of diesel technology, such as the maintenance of engines used in heavy equipment.

Application Process And Costs

Tuition costs in Arizona vary widely. You will find some excellent courses available here addressing aspects of automotive and diesel technologies.

Usually, tuition prices range from $5,000 to $15,000 or more, depending upon the college and school program. Before undertaking any vocational course, it makes sense to check its accreditation process carefully.

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Online Programs Today

Applicants seeking admission to an academic program in a diesel technology field must usually hold at least a high school diploma or a GED. Today, you can complete these requirements online, along with a number of other academic prerequisites.

You should also plan on attending class exercises conducted under the supervision of an experienced mechanic in order to learn automotive diesel engine inspection and repair when you train as a Diesel Mechanic. Gaining proficiency in this technical field requires extensive practice. Skilled automotive technicians learn how to recognize and use many types of repair equipment.

Maintaining Certification/License And Renewal

The ASE offers re-certification examinations every five years. Diesel Mechanics also remain current in their field by attending classes and seminars offered by manufacturers.

Salary And Job Outlook

In May, 2012, a typical Diesel Mechanic in the United States earned an income of $20.35 per hour. In cities in Arizona, an experienced Diesel Mechanic may receive even higher wages. For instance, in Phoenix, salaries in this field range between $43,221 and $53,600 or more. The current job outlook for this occupation will lead to new openings at the rate of 9% through 2022, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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