Diesel Mechanic Schools in Alaska

Diesel Mechanics in Alaska perform work that many employers desperately require. The demand for these highly skilled mechanics exceeds the available supply in The Last Frontier State. Numerous businesses hire Diesel Mechanics to help maintain trucks, buses and maritime fleets. This occupation offers a potentially lucrative career. Diesel Mechanics sometimes work for government agencies or industry employers inspecting and repairing vehicles or boats. A worker with experience in maintaining diesel engines may also teach an automotive class.

If you like repairing engines and you possess manual dexterity, you may find work as a Diesel Mechanic in Alaska personally rewarding. Obtaining training in a program leading to a Certificate or an Associate or Bachelors Degree could lead to a successful career in this field.

Diesel-alaskaRequirements And Eligibility

Like most states, Alaska at this time does not require Diesel Mechanics to obtain occupational licenses. On-the-job apprenticeship for this occupation still occurs, but less often that during earlier generations. Most modern aspiring diesel mechanics study at an established school or college.

Employers give hiring preference to graduates, and to Diesel Mechanics who have passed tests offered through the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. That organizations awards a Certified Diesel Mechanic Designation.

Depending on job requirements, Diesel Mechanics in the state also sometimes need to obtain a commercial drivers license. Some Diesel Mechanics occassionaly road-test repaired motor vehicles.

Application Process And Costs

Schools offering a course in Diesel Mechanics typically require applicants to hold high school diplomas or GEDs.

Alaska offers generous tuitions stipends to many in-state students attending courses at state universities and community colleges. Several campuses of the University of Alaska and AVTEC, The Alaska Institute of Technology, support Diesel Mechanic programs.

Alaskans pay tuition for this education at rates averaging slightly over $6,000 annually. Individual costs in this field may vary. Usually, out-of-state students should anticipate significantly higher tuition and transportation costs.

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Online Programs

Students require hands-on practice under the personal supervision of an instructor in order to develop skills inspecting, troubleshooting, maintaining and repairing diesel engines. However, online programs may offer an excellent way to meet some prerequisites for this occupation.

The availability of classes online enables many students in remote locations in the state to meet academic requirements. Learners frequently seek certificates or degrees in highly specialized diesel technology fields.

Maintaining Certification/License And Renewal

Certified Diesel Mechanics must pass a skills test every five years in order to maintain current certification in their field. Some employers also ask Diesel Mechanics to attend periodic seminars in order to learn about new products and repair procedures that impact their daily work.

Salary And Job Prospects

The cost of living in Alaska remains more significant than in many other states. Wages also sometimes trend towards higher than median ranges. Diesel Mechanics receive average annual salaries above the national average of $42,320. During 2012, a typical worker in this field obtained compensation ranging from $38,000 a year to $76,000. Diesel Mechanics working for government agencies, and those with certifications and extensive experience, tend to earn the most income.

Labor analysts predict that job growth in this field will increase by 9% during the next decade. Many experts place the demand in Alaska at 15%, higher than the national average. In 2012, some 840 Alaskans worked as Diesel Mechanics in the state.

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