Diesel Mechanic Schools in Alabama

As children, many boys enjoyed playing with their toy cars and trucks. It’s only natural that some of these boys desire a career with the big cars and trucks. That’s where diesel mechanics enter the scene. People who are trained in this field have a wide variety of job opportunities. Let’s take a look at the schools and processes in Alabama that provide opportunities in this field of study.

Requirements and Eligibility

Diesel-alabamaThere are eight schools that offer courses and training in diesel mechanic technology. They are listed below.

George C. Wallace State Community College, Hanceville, Alabama.
Gadsden State Community College, Gadsden, Alabama
Lurleen B. Wallace Community College, Andalusia, Alabama
J.F. Ingram State Technical College, Deatsville, Alabama
Lawson State Community College, Birmingham, Alabama
Shelton State Community College, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Bevill State Community College, Jasper, Alabama
H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College, Montgomery, Alabama

To win acceptance into one of these schools, it is requirement that all students have a high school diploma or a GED. If you are considering a career path in mechanics, ensure that you have received your diploma before you apply for any schools.

Application Process and Costs

Once you have acknowledged that you’ve satisfied the necessary requirements and have chosen a college, send in the application for acceptance and enrollment. The application process for any of these schools that are listed above is relatively quick and simple.

Typically, the cost of a two year degree in mechanics is approximately $4,000.00. This is an incredibly inexpensive price tag compared to most degree programs and college education.

When studying for the mechanic program, most of the classes are conducted in a garage environment. However, the college does expect you to take basic subjects in math, English and science. This is for the purpose of receiving a well-rounded education that is worthy of your money and time.

Listed below are examples of classes that will be required when studying for this degree.

Air Conditioning Systems
Power Transmissions
Electrical Systems
Diesel Engine Technology
Fuel Systems

It is also worthy to mention that if your budget is tight, there are many options available for student loans, work study programs, pell grants and scholarships.

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Online Programs

Due to the nature of the program study, this degree is not available for obtaining online. It’s impossible to learn the processes of the garage through an online source. This is definitely a hands-on program and career path.

Maintaining Certification/License and Renewal

Fortunately, in the state of Alabama, it isn’t a requirement to have a certificate or license in diesel mechanic technology in order to work in that field. However, many employers prefer that applicants and workers have an education, thus making it easier for the certified to win a job over a non-certified candidate. Unless the candidate has many years of experience in the mechanic field, the licensed professional has a better opportunity. It should also be noted that the certified professional has a better chance of higher pay over the non-certified.

For people that are certified, in Alabama, they require recertification every five years. This allows the person to always be up to date on the latest technologies and techniques.

Salary and Job Prospects

The median annual salary for a mechanic in Alabama ranges between $44,000 to $54,000.

People in this area of work are often found in local mechanic garages or at trucking companies where daily maintenance is required for diesel engine trucks. Sometimes, these professionals can be hired at manufacturing companies where the use of diesel engines are mandatory to perform certain tasks and operations.

Clearly, this is a comfortable career that is continuously needed as everyone has a vehicle and mechanic technologies are crucial in making our world function on a daily basis.

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