Auto Mechanic Schools in Dallas, TX

The increasing use of technology and computerized systems in automobiles require auto mechanics to start this career with specialized training and continue their education throughout their career. In Texas, the Department of Motor Vehicles oversees the inspection, emissions and registration of all automobiles in the state. Auto mechanics in Dallas must be trained and qualified before starting this career.

auto mechanic image1Many schools offer training and credentials in auto maintenance. The most recognized association of employers, the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence and its affiliate, the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation accredits many schools and programs throughout the country. In the Dallas metropolitan area, 10 schools and were accredited as of 2015.

How to Get Certified in Dallas, TX

Along with courses to obtain a diploma or certificate, the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence provides credentials for auto mechanics. Certifications can be achieved by self-study, taking courses at accredited schools or online courses, than passing an exam. Auto mechanics can also pass a series of exams to become a certified master-level automotive service technician. Employers, such as dealerships, also train and certify auto mechanics to perform services on specific types of automobiles.

List of Elite Programs in Dallas, TX

Featured Program: Cedar Valley College

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At Cedar Valley College, the dedicated and talented students understand that their potential employers have very high expectations of then upon entering the workforce. They are dedicated to time in the classroom, lecture hall, and lab spent to practice, hone, and perfect their skills that they will put to use every day when pursuing a lucrative and successful career in the automotive industry. The program turns out skilled and professional automotive technicians that are the absolute best in the business. Their goal Cedar Valley College is to stay focused and dedicated to their work while learning the skills they need to but learning to be professional and personable at the same time. Job experience training is available and encouraged, for this will make students more prepared to flourish in the workforce. Courses can accumulate and result in a degree of Applied Sciences, or to a certificate in a similar field. Both are huge accomplishments and with the help of the wonderful staff at Cedar Valley College, you can achieve the greatness! Enroll today to begin your journey and pursue the career of your dreams.


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Salaries for Auto Mechanics in Dallas, TX

The Dallas metropolitan area employed over 11,000 automotive service technicians and mechanics in 2013, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average salary was $40,840 per year, which is higher than the state average of $38,250 per year. Salaries vary based on the employer and the auto mechanic’s experience. The average starting salary in the Dallas metropolitan area was approximately $22,850 per year. The highest salaries were approximately $63,840 per year.
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