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How to Become an ASE Certified Mechanic

Are you considering being certified as a mechanic? Have you conducted a cursory internet search regarding the requirements involved, but cannot seem to find all the information you need in one place? Becoming an ASE certified mechanic is an important step when building your career within the automotive industry. If you want to give yourself a […]

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How to Get a NATE Certification

In any technical industry, certain education and experience is needed. The HVAC industry is competitive and NATE certification can be a useful tool to help technicians succeed in the job market. While this certification is not required for employment in the industry, a growing number of HVAC companies are requiring that their technicians be certified […]

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EPA Certification: Learn The Different Categories Of EPA Certifications

An increasing number of businesses are requiring applicants to have an EPA certification in order to qualify for their positions. Furthermore, the certification is a federal requirement for anyone who works with refrigerants or refrigeration systems. Anyone who completes the EPA examination and certification process has an increased understanding of the numerous laws and regulations that […]

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California Coast University Auto Mechanics Review: How Do They Stack Up?

If you’re working towards establishing a career in automotive mechanics, you need to find the best school for the program. California Coast University is one prestigious institution known for its auto mechanics program. Auto mechanics is a career-based technical program that provides a theoretical background and the necessary practical skills to work in the industry. If […]

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ASE Certification Requirements- Tips And Advice On How to Get One

If you work with cars or are interested in becoming a professional auto mechanic in the future, there are several ways you can improve your standing both with potential employers and clients. Receiving training at technical schools and apprenticing at local garages will help build your background as you increase your knowledge base. However, the […]

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