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Auto Mechanic Schools in Massachusetts

Over the years, automobiles have become much more advanced, using sophisticated technology and electronics to operate. For that reason, employers now prefer auto mechanics who complete an education program. Auto mechanics maintain, repair and inspect a variety of automobiles. Some specialize in different types of engines, cars, trucks or large vehicles. A variety of training […]

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Auto Mechanic Schools in New Jersey

Auto mechanics, sometimes referred to as service technicians, perform a variety of services for automobiles. They also perform vehicle inspections to ensure your automobile complies with state mandated regulations. Because automobiles are much more sophisticated today, many employers prefer those who attend an accredited educational program and obtain credentials related to different types of vehicles, […]

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Auto Mechanic Schools in Wichita, KS

Career counselors advise that mechanics with proper accreditation have higher wages and better employment prospects. According to the May 2013 report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the non-metropolitan areas of Kansas had the second highest employment of auto mechanics and technicians in the U.S. The Wichita Area Tech College (WATC) in Wichita […]

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