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Man fixing a car that is on the car lift

Car Lift Tips

Residential areas often lack adequate parking space for vehicle owners, especially those who have more than one or two cars. In such a case, having to leave your car on the road or in another place where it is exposed to weather conditions or accidental scratches and dents is a big disadvantage. A car lift provides […]

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turbocharger vs supercharger nascar technical institute 27

Nascar Technical Institute Auto Mechanics Review

NASCAR Technical Institute was the first of its kind to offer NASCAR-specific automotive training programs along with diploma and associate degree programs. We will examine what makes this school unique and compare it to some other automotive degree programs in the state of North Carolina. Quick Navigation What Is NASCAR Technical Institute?Learning Programs at NASCAR […]

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a review on scranton university as one of the popular auto mechanics schools

Scranton University Auto Mechanics Review

Scranton, Pennsylvania is a town that was built on mechanical trades, including rail, trolley, and mining. Although the town is now mostly known for historic sites and dominated by a prestigious, private undergraduate program, there continues to be a need for highly trained tradespeople such as auto mechanics. finding technical programs and schools can be […]

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men fixing

Motorcycle Mechanic School Auto Mechanics Review

Auto mechanics specialize in the workings of automobile engines. Many mechanics who start out specializing in work on cars find an addition specialty adds great appeal to their presence in any auto shop and expand into motorcycle mechanic school over time. Students in motorcycle mechanic school programs learn many of the same types of things […]

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ase certified mechanic on the job

How to Become an ASE Certified Mechanic

Are you considering being certified as a mechanic? Have you conducted a cursory internet search regarding the requirements involved, but cannot seem to find all the information you need in one place? Becoming an ASE certified mechanic is an important step when building your career within the automotive industry. If you want to give yourself a […]

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