Auto Mechanic Schools in Alaska

The cold weather of Alaska generally requires having your car maintained frequently. Auto mechanics do just that. They inspect, repair and maintain automobiles to ensure cars, trucks and utility vehicles are running properly, even in the coldest temperatures. Becoming a trained auto mechanic in Alaska can be a lucrative career where jobs are plentiful. Accredited educational programs and certification can increase employment opportunities.

Coursework to become an auto mechanic generally requires less than a year of training. Many programs in Alaska are accredited by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation, a nationally recognized organization. In Alaska, all accredited programs are through high schools, which allows students to get a jump-start their career as an auto mechanic immediately after graduating. This includes four accredited schools in Alaska.

auto mechanic schools inHow to Get Certified in Alaska

Certification in different types of auto mechanical technology, maintenance and repairs can be obtained through the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence. These credentials are nationally recognized, and preferred by employers. After completing accredited training classes, you may choose to select one or several certifications to improve your credentials. Among the certifications, auto mechanics can specialize in courses such as exhaust repair, collision repair, small or large engine repair, large diesel vehicles, engine maintenance and repair, as well as specialization in parts ordering.

List of Elite Programs in Alaska

Featured Program: Penn Foster Career School

Penn Foster

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Penn Foster offers programs that prepare the students for ASE certification in the fields of service and repair on brakes, suspension, steering, electronics, and engine repair and performance. Help from top-notch instructors and career cruising will prepare students and give them all the skills they need to pursue lucrative careers in the field of auto mechanics. Enroll today to obtain the skills you need to realize your dreams in this capacity!

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Penn Foster

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Salaries for Auto Mechanics in Alaska

Alaska paid the highest wages for auto mechanics in the United States as of May, 2013. The average salary was $51,320 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This equates to $24.67 per hour. This is approximately 23 percent higher than the national average of $39, 450 per year. Auto mechanics often earn overtime, which is generally 1.5 times hourly wages, estimated at $37.00 per hour in Alaska.

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