Auto Mechanic Schools in Alabama

There are dozens of auto mechanic schools in Alabama but not all of them are accredited by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). If you want to find a school that is ASE accredited you need to use the search engine on the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation webpage. Please keep in mind that any accredited programs are on-campus and no online schools are recognized by the ASE at this time.

How to Get Certified in Alabama

In the state of Alabama obtaining auto mechanic certification is an optional process. You do not need to obtain certification in order to work legally. That being said, it can greatly increase job opportunities and most employers are more likely to hire a certified mechanic over a non-certified mechanic.

auto mechanic image1Certifications can open many doors in your career. There are various types of certifications you can obtain which can help advance your career, set you apart from competition, and help you find a niche market in your field. For example there is a certificate to become a master medium-heavy vehicle technician. In order to obtain this you must pass a series of tests and have two years of relevant work experience. Like the master medium-heavy vehicle technician requirements, most certificates require some type of work experience. However, the ASE offers a student certificate that does not require any work experience.

List of Elite Programs in Alabama

Featured Program: Penn Foster Career School

Penn Foster

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At Penn Foster, students learn the basics of repairing and servicing brake systems, steering, suspension, engine, performance, and electronics. Additionally, collision repair is a course option that is taught by the finest certified professionals around. Tests and experiential requirements can be taken and obtained to get certification for your state in auto repair once schooling at Penn Foster has been completed. Enroll today to pursue the career of your dreams in the auto mechanic/auto repair field!

Click here to view a link to a sample lesson provided on Penn Foster’s website.

Penn Foster

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Salaries for Auto Mechanic Jobs in Alabama

The average salary for an auto mechanic in Alabama is $37,900. This salary is slightly above the living wage in Alabama for a two adult two child home. Living wage is the hourly rate that must be made by an individual in order to support a family. Living wage considers the individual a full time worker and the only income provider in the family.

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