8 Specialized Jobs In The Auto Mechanic World

As long as there are motorized vehicles in this world, there will need to be people who can fix them. Having the skills to maintain and service cars, trucks, boats, and motorcycles means you’ll have job security. If you enjoy working with your hands, taking things apart and putting them back together, and getting a little dirty, then you might want to consider auto mechanic jobs.

What Is an Auto Mechanic?

In essence, an auto mechanic is a person who works on cars and trucks so that they run the way they should. There are many auto mechanic jobs that you can have, including being a general mechanic, which means you have the skills and ability to work on all parts of the vehicle, or you can become specialized in a certain area.

As an auto mechanic, you have the skills to fix engines, change tires, work on the electrical system of the car, and/or fix the body work of the vehicle. You may have expertise in working on all makes and models of vehicles, or you may decide to focus on one brand or one type, including gas-powered vehicles or diesel equipment.

Is There a Need for Auto Mechanics?

Even though most vehicles are built to be durable and last for a long time, parts still wear out and break down. In addition, to ensure that vehicles run for a long time, they need to be serviced and maintained. Auto mechanic jobs are needed to take care of these issues and keep the vehicle on the road.

Vehicles are used in practically every industry, and they are how people ship food and other products from one place to another. Without auto mechanics, ships wouldn’t run, trucks wouldn’t get food from the warehouse to the store, and farm equipment wouldn’t be able to harvest the food to get to the warehouse. Construction equipment is also needed to maintain the roads to be able to ship the needed items from one place to another.

Whether you decide to have general mechanic skills or become specialized, there is a need for people to take auto mechanic jobs. They need to keep vehicles running not only so we can get the products we use for survival, but also to get us from place to place for work, school, or to have some fun.

8 Specialized Auto Mechanic Jobs

When looking at the different auto mechanic jobs, you may decide that instead of having general knowledge, you want to be specialized. This is certainly an option, and there are eight different fields you can go into. These are listed below.

Engine Repair

If you decide you want to focus on engine repair, your duties will focus on taking care of all aspects of the engine. You will learn how to take them apart, clean them, and put them back together. You may even learn how to build one from scratch. Specialized auto mechanic jobs in engine repair teach you how to diagnose and fix problems that might arise with this part of any vehicle.

Automatic Transmission/Transaxle

Most modern cars come with an automatic transmission. This means that the driver doesn’t have to worry about changing gears while they are driving, the car will take care of this step itself. Since this component can break down or may need maintenance, if you specialize in this field, you will know exactly what to do to fix any problems and keep the system running the way it should.

Manual Drive Train and Axles

There are still some makes and models of vehicles in the world that have manual drive trains or transmissions, which means that the driver has to manually switch from one gear to another. How this system works is different from an automatic system, so if you decide to specialize in this field, you will need to learn how the manual drive train and axles work so you can repair and maintain them.

Suspension and Steering

Being able to steer a car is an important part of driving. Having a car that doesn’t shake and/or shimmy while heading down the road is also beneficial. These specialized auto mechanic jobs give you the skills and expertise to fix any issues that might occur with the steering system and figure out why a car might be shaking as it drives down the road.


In addition to being able to move forward, being able to stop is imperative in a car. Having the skills and expertise to fix brakes will keep people safe while on the road.

Electrical/Electronic Systems

Every vehicle has an electrical system, and more of them are getting extra electronic systems, including computers and chips that control and monitor the vehicle. When something goes wrong with these, they need to be fixed. Having this specialty will keep people’s vehicles on the road and the component working properly.

Heating and Air Conditioning

When driving from one destination to another, it’s important for the people inside to be comfortable. When it’s cold outside, the heat needs to work. When it’s hot, the car should be cool. If something should go wrong with the heating and air conditioning, people will look to a specialized auto mechanic to fix it. In addition to having the skills and knowledge to accomplish this task, you’ll also need to be certified by the EPA to be able to properly handle and dispose of coolant.

Engine Performance

While keeping a vehicle’s engine running is important, upgrading it and finding ways to make it better is also a job you can get. These auto mechanic jobs will allow you to work with race cars and other fast vehicles to ensure they are going as fast as possible. If they aren’t, you’ll be tasked with fixing the problem or finding ways to make them go faster.


Becoming an auto mechanic can be a lucrative career. As long as there are vehicles in the world, someone will need to maintain and fix them. If you decide to look into specialized auto mechanic jobs, there are at least eight that you can check out and make a career out of.