Auto Mechanic Schools in Nevada

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, auto mechanic professions are expected to grow by nine percent over the next decade. The agency also says that entry-level positions will make up many of these new jobs as the number of vehicles on the road continues to rise. In addition, as more people drive their vehicles longer, aging cars and trucks will require a need for individuals who have received training in the repair and maintenance of vehicles. Although becoming an auto mechanic does not normally require any more than a high school diploma, as vehicles become more complicated, the need for extensive knowledge will become more important. For this reason, anyone considering a career as an auto mechanic should consider completing an auto mechanic program in Nevada or other states.

Most auto mechanic schools in Nevada take six months to one year to complete. The programs provide instruction in the repair and maintenance of vehicles that may include motorcycles as well as advanced information on engines, transmissions and other parts of a vehicle. In some cases, courses may be taken online, providing more flexibility to those who are seeking a career in auto repair. In addition to credit courses offered through colleges or universities, some vocational schools offer auto mechanic courses, some of which may be available for adults.

Auto Mechanic Schools in NevadaHow to Get Certified in Nevada

Advanced certification is available through the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) program. These certifications are available in specific automotive areas, such as alternative fuel, advanced engine repair and other specific subjects related to the repair and maintenance of automobiles. The National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation evaluates automotive technician programs in Nevada, offering accreditation to programs that meet their specific criteria.

List of Elite Programs in Nevada

Featured Program: College of Southern Nevada


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The Automotive Technology Program at The College of Southern Nevada prepares students to successfully pass the ASE certification examination upon completion of the course. Not only is the program concentrated in the Automotive Technology aspect of the curriculum, but students are also taught about professionalism and ethics within human relation, communication, math, and science. All of these are beneficial supplements to the student’s curriculum and knowledge base that help them to be greatly successful in the workforce and pursuing a fulfilling career in the automotive industry. The College of Southern Nevada contains partnerships with many local businesses and dealerships, so students have a helpful inside track for internships and potential jobs while they are in school and upon graduation of the program. Students are exposed to both written work in a classroom and lecture setting as well as hands-on labs and activities to hone their skills in the field. Enroll today to begin pursuing your career in the automotive industry!

Below is a photograph of one of the buildings on campus at the College of Southern Nebraska.

Auto Mechanic Schools in Nevada

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Salaries for Auto Mechanic Jobs in Nevada

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, auto mechanics in Nevada have an average hourly wage of $18.99 and an average annual salary of $42,340. For auto service technicians that specialize in specific types of vehicles, the annual salary rises significantly. For example:

  • Bus, Truck and Diesel Mechanics – $54,740 per year on average
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanics – $59,020 per year on average
  • Automotive Body Repair – $48,950 per year on average
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More Auto Mechanic Schools in Nevada

College of Southern NevadaLas Vegas(702) 651-5000700 College Drive, Henderson, NV
Truckee Meadows Community CollegeReno(775) 673-70007000 Dandini Boulevard, Reno, NV
Western Nevada CollegeCarson City(775) 445-30002201 West College Parkway, Carson City, NV