Best Auto Mechanic Schools

Diesel-kentuckyWhen you're thinking about enrolling in an auto mechanic school, it's important to know all of the details about what enrolling into this type of school entails. Basically, anyone that wants to become an auto mechanic and have the best chance of earning the most money within that field should consider going to one of these schools and earning your certification along the way. For those that might not be fully aware, becoming an auto mechanic brings with it a large amount of job duties. Those in this position will routinely be tasked with performing inspections, maintenance and repairs on all vehicle types. You will need to be efficient, orderly and professional when working with customers on their vehicles. Taking classes at one of these schools will train you for all of this and much more. When attending an auto mechanic school, there are typically a myriad of different areas of study that you can focus on. Some will help you to become a standard automotive service technician, while others can provide you with certifications and degrees to be either an automotive technician or truck and diesel technician. It should also be noted that you won't simply be studying how to fix and repair vehicles with standard tools, like a wrench and a socket. These days, modern and innovative technology is commonly used by auto mechanics when tending to vehicles. This technology includes everything from compression gauges to diagnostic computer equipment. You will take classes that will teach you how to correctly operate this technology. Both the amount of training you receive and the tuition costs vary wildly at these schools. Classes can last anywhere from 6 months to two years, all depending on what you are looking to achieve. However, if you want to become a certified auto mechanic, you will have to spend at least two years in training in order to qualify for the possibility of taking the exams towards certification. As for tuition, it can cost anywhere from a couple thousand dollars to upwards of $30,000. When choosing an auto mechanic school to go to, the most important thing is to make sure that it has been accredited by an agency, such as NATEF, ASE or AYES. This will ensure that the degree or certification you receive will be fully recognized by any potential employers and will help you during the process of finding a job.

Necessary Types of Training

When attending an auto mechanic school, you will go through a large amount of training centered around a variety of different topics. Most of this training will be hands-on, though there will be some textbook programs as well. The most important portion of the training centers around all of the different automotive parts and systems that you will eventually encounter on the job. This area of study covers everything from engines, drive trains and suspension to air conditioning, heating and tires, among others. You will receive hands-on training that will prepare you for repairing and handling all of these systems and parts to the point where it is simply second nature to you. You will also go through some practical training that takes you through situations that you might encounter when working as a certified auto mechanic. You will learn how to troubleshoot, service and diagnose any issues within mechanical and electrical systems in vehicles, as well as how to work with the newer equipment that can be found at most auto shops. Students that attend these schools will learn what the correct alignment for tires are, as well as how to get the engine to output peak performance. The most important of the practical training that you will receive is by learning how to perform oil changes, which are two job duties you will be tasked with performing on a regular basis as an auto mechanic. Though it might be a surprise to some of you, the last area of training at an auto mechanic school revolves around the business side of working at an auto shop. You will train and learn how to handle all types of service operations from cost estimates and record keeping to business and personnel management, as well as customer service, all of which is essential to dealing with customers in a professional manner. Depending on the school that you attend, you might also get the chance to go through a useful internship at an auto repair business before being able to go through the certification process.

Diesel-south carolinaCertification Earned By Attending An Auto Mechanic School

As for receiving certification, this isn't necessary in order to become an auto mechanic after attending an auto mechanic school. With that being said, it can do wonders for your possibility of being hired in the first place, as well as your salary. ASE certification or any similar one allows employers to adequately measure both your skills and the knowledge you have about the field you're beginning to enter. In fact, while it's not exactly necessary in order to be hired as an auto mechanic, it is considered to be a standard that employers within the industry look towards when hiring. Once you have completed two years at an auto mechanic school, you should gain the opportunity to take exams that will allow you to become certified and begin your quest for a job. To be certified, you will be faced with eight tests you need to take and pass. In general, there are even more exam topics that you can choose to complete. Some of the most pertinent include engine repair, manual drive train, automatic transmission, brakes, suspension/steering, engine performance, electrical and electronic systems, air conditioning/heating and diesel engines for light vehicles. Sometimes you will also have the chance to focus on different areas if you want to work on specialty vehicles. If so, you'll want to find an auto mechanic school that offers these exams as well.